Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happy Saturday

It's Saturday LIKE FINALLY!!!!

Feels like forever since the last Saturday because I had a super duper busy week. :(
Busy with school and exam and everything else I can't remember, I just remember it was pretty hectic and I didn't have time left for anything.
So yay to the weekends!!!

Still have incomplete assignment due on Monday but hey, I deserve a rest hahaha so I packed my Saturday with appointments.

Recently, I grew some grumpy red bumps on my face. It's the first time ever in my life that I have all these bumps on my face so I was sooo freaked out. :(

Headed down to IDS Clinic to have my face checked.
My daddy drove me down and accompanied me HEHEHE.

He looks kindda grumpy here right. HAHA.

Dr Tan gave me a cream to apply on my bumps. I counted the bumps LOL. There were 11, and now it increased so I don't wanna count anymore. D:

I didn't put makeup the whole day 'cause I thought my bumps will become angrier so I had shades on to cover my whole face.

But then later the day, I decided it's too tiring to look through my shades so I walked around Singapore looking horrendous.

Lunch at Old Town White Coffee!!!
I actually quite like Old Town 'cause they have pretty yummy food at a decent price. (Although Malaysia is a lot cheaper haha) ~

My favourite White Milk Tea. It's really DAAAAMN good and it's just DIFFERENT from any other milk tea you tried so you HAVE to try this!!!! It's quite cheap also, huge cup for $2.60~

Nasi Lemak! It was mehhhhh, usually it's better, so maybe it's just that outlet.
It was super filling though!
So filling that it felt like I will puke if I open my mouth.
Worst of all... my dental appointment was right after lunch HAHAHAHA.

I didn't puke...just in case you're wondering...


I went to TLC Dental Centre after that to get my teeth checked!
Taking my three new pairs of aligners. ^_^
That means one more step closer to pretty smile haha.

The appointment was a really quick one 'cause it was just to check if my aligners are fitting well on me. :)

Me looking quite grumpy but I wasn't really grumpy.

YAY my aligners!!!

If you're looking to visit an Orthodontist, Dr Enrica Sham is my orthodontist and she's really gentle and nice! :D
Details on the picture above.

After that, I went down to Central to have my hair done at CLEO Hair & Make. :)

Been finding time to head down since my previous session because I was half-done with my hair HAHA.

Anyway, my fashion of the day LOL.
Quite funny to say 'fashion' 'cause I'm totally unfashionable hahaha.

My dress from ShopSassyDream! Love them 'cause most of their clothes fits me! Makes me happy when I have clothes that fits me.
I have this problem with fitting clothes I get online so I will get super angry everytime people send me clothes that don't fit me lol. I will really feel very pek cek and start scolding everyone haha.

So yeah back to my hair.

Dyeing my hair to honey beige! I think my hair is quite stubborn, needs two session to get it to honey beige.

Very lonely Saturday actually. Nobody replied me on Whatsapp at all. :/

So I decided to go on Dayre....! I posted a lot of things, follow me for live blog posts. xD

I had a super torturous dyeing session because of this bunch of pimples I have near my hairline, at the scalp area.
It's like applying salt on your wound?! SUPER painful. Usually it already hurts quite a lot on my scalp and now it's worse because of my pimples. T _ T
So painful I felt a bit dizzy before washing my hair.

Luckily Takuya did a crazy awesome hair wash on me hahahaha SHIOK MAX!!!!!


I love the layerings!!! ARIGATO TAKUYA-SAN. ♥

If you like my hair, you can look for Takuya at CLEO Hair & Make, Clarke Quay Central, Level 4!
Remember to call for appointment first - 6338 5250 ^_^

SOOOO~~~ After doing my hair, I met up with Rachell (I waited almost two hours for her PFT) and Noah (who was even later LOL) at Clarke Quay.

Quality horrible or what.

Just chilling at a cafe outside.

Feeling it.

Nice coffee.

Very act haha it's some food exhibition thingy at the atrium of Central. xD

We headed down to Somerset for STING RAY YAY!!! No pictures 'cause it slipped off my mind completely hahaha. Too hungry.

With Nuah.

With Nuah 2.

They were fighting at the back. These kids.


Happy to see my retarded bunnies after sooooo long although we just met up for a little while. :D :D :D

I'm also very happy I bought alpaca stickers LOL.
I spent $10 buying stickers. FOR WHAT? I DON'T KNOW.

That's all for my Saturday! :D
Hope you had fun too~

See you when I see you again.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happiness is you and me.

Hello pretty people!

It has been a while since the last update, I have been neglecting this space for a while and I am extremely guilty of I'm back for a new post.

Yesterday was a sort of 'frantic' one, since my usual days don't go by this interesting. HAHA.

I was invited down along with Rachell to Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy red carpet. The stars came down to Singapore so it was a really big red carpet in the middle of Orchard Road. Quite an eye opener.

We didn't get to catch the sneak peek since it was quite late so we headed down to the villa right after the event!!!

To meet the girls!!!! :D

Have been a while since we all gathered (the last time was Filial Party premiere because I didn't manage to hang out with them during iFly since I was SICKKKK). We had an awesome time hanging out and we even tried to make S'mores and Nutella Cinnamon Bread. :D

The bread turned out pretty good, according to Alton, since I think he was the only one who managed to eat up the entire stick since all of us were too damn full by all the food we bought.

We bought so much I think we were preparing for a zombie attack.

Making of S'mores in the microwave and Hayley peeling lychees for us super religiously hahaha.

Anyway, we wanted to make the Nutella Cinnamon bread in the oven but the oven broke down or something and tripped the electricity so the whole place blacked out. LOL.

Ended up using the frying pan to cook up the bread 'cause we had to dunk the bread into eggs. You can catch Rachell's vlog when it's out to see how you can make that!!!

All the food for Alton. He was late and we all feasted quite a bit before he came haha.

The only selca of the day.
Or not.

Models or what. HAHAHA.

Jayley werking the slippers.

Happiness is simple.
It's not about the place, it's not about the things we do, it's not about the things we get, it's all about the people we're with.
Happiness is when you get to be with the people you love.

I stayed over for the night with Hayley and Alton and now I'm in zombie-mode.

Nevertheless, chilling is always good.

Back to reality, exam is tomorrow and I have no idea what is going on.


Thanks for reading. xx

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Everyday Skin Care Routine


I did a video on my skin care regime~ :)

These are what I use on a daily basis, like for real. HAHA. I find it quite hard to change my regime 'cause I'm already used to it and I trust my dermatologist for what they give me.

I used to not find skin care anything important but now that I'm with IDS Clinic, I get a bit obsessed with having super nice skin, knowing that they can provide me with the best care.
Not saying this because I'm paid to or anything.

My skin shows significant changes! My favourite change is definitely the glow and radiance on my face.
I don't have any base makeup on at all in the video.

If you have acne-prone skin, IDS clinic can help you because I used to have massive outbreaks on my forehead and now it's completely gone, even most of the acne scars. I don't even remember how the outbreaks look anymore, which is amazing.

It was quite a 'scar' to my secondary school years lol, I never like it when people touch my fringe in case they see my acnes.
One of my friends came to tell me how he thought I've changed because I'm more confident to flaunting my forehead now haha.
Nice skin gives us confidence - I think everybody agrees with me! And confidence is key when it comes to beauty.

Having nice skin makes us feel good literally (I bet nobody likes oily skin, or dry cracking skin, ouch!), look good, and feel good emotionally after looking good~ xD

Thanks for reading, and I hope all of you can look stunning everyday, just being yourself, even at home while shaking your leg and watching TV, without much makeup on HAHAHA! ^_^

Thursday, June 26, 2014

So I tried to sing....


About a month back, I joined Hark Music for a 2 days expressway vocal course!

I was recommended by Chriz Tong (who I met after filming her MV 啡情歌!!!) to join the vocal course 'cause she heard some of my instavideos HAHAHAHA and I really like singing, I mean, who doesnt?!

I don't sing like a professional singer, I just sing for fun like we all always do, but there's no harm trying out vocal classes right?

I'm ready to be a better singer in the KTV LOL.

Me looking very serious trying to go through the lyrics on the first day!

The 2 days course was quick but I learn a lot about things I didn't know.
The first day was more theory-based, then the second day is more to application on one of our favourite songs. :D
We have about a day to prepare for our breakthrough performance on the final day, where we showcase and apply what we have learned.

Doing Diaphragmatic breathing exercises hahaha.

I'm surprised there's so many techniques when it comes to singing hahaha! Usually I just let the voice out of my body like it's not a big deal. No wonder there's such a huge difference between professional singers and us who like to do it anyhow LOL.

The good thing is that with all these techniques, we can sing properly and help protect our voices too!

At the breakthrough performance, with my family at the back HAHAHA.

And that's me singing! It's super super nerve-wrecking on the stage so I personally thought I did better off stage HAHAHA. xD

It was a really good experience in this two-days expressway vocal course 'cause I got to learn so much about singing, and also get to sing on a stage with audiences. :D Never thought I could've done it though haha. The coaches are amazing people with brilliant voices, if you're looking for improvement in singing and learn more about techniques, you can join them in this expressway course too!

You can join their expressway course and quote SPEISHI for $80 off. :)

That's all for this post! :D

Thanks for reading~ xx

Monday, June 23, 2014

Fulfil your big eyes dream with AB double eyelid tapes!

Most of us has the same woes about our eyelids.
It can be UNEVEN double eyelids, TAPERED double eyelids making you look sleepy, SINGLE eyelids which is absolutely troublesome when it comes to putting makeup...

We all want to have those beautiful, perfect, double eyelids and it's always so difficult for us to achieve!

No worries here, we all have the same problem, most of us don't have the prettiest double eyelids we want.
None of us are born with perfect features, which explains why there are COSMETICS to help us! Lucky girls~

Thanks to AB Double Eyelid Tapes, we can all achieve the perfect double eyelid we want with just a few simple steps.

The other day, I attended an AB Double Eyelid Tape event with makeup artist, Kevin老师!
He taught us quite a lot that we did not know, and I found the event so entertaining with Kevin老师's sense of humour haha.

He tested the Mezical Fiber 2 on the model. It's the best tape for single eyelids!

This is the latest version of the Fiber Tape! I've tried the older version before, we had to pull it to a certain length before applying.
The new one saved us the hassle of pulling it to the perfect length because it's already made to the perfect size and thickness for application!

Kevin老师 said we should apply double eyelid tapes before we have ANY makeup on. This helps the double eyelid tapes to stay on.

He cleaned the model's eyelid to prepare for the application.

First, he look for the perfect spot for the Mezical Fiber to be applied on.
He paste it on the spot, using the stick provided and pushed the eyelid tape in place before cutting the excess off.


You might need to try a few times before finding the right spot for your Mezical Fiber to be on.

Kevin老师 also used this eyelash wick which you stick on your fake eyelash's stem.

I think this is good for people who has monolids which you just need false eyelashes to create double eyelids. It will help to create a deeper double eyelid!
On top of that, it saves you the hassle from drawing eyeliner. :D

He did a makeover for the model and she looked AMAZING after!

You can see how much of a change the double eyelid tape created.
Your eyes will look more open, more awake, and definitely more appealing. ;)

These are all AB's products for you to create the most beautiful double eyelids. :D
Kumiko Funayama from Popteen and Kevin老师 are their brand's ambassador!

Personally, although I don't apply double eyelid tapes on a daily basis, I do have a problem with my tapered eyelids!
They make me look less awake when I look up. :(
Tapered eyelids also tend to cover up my makeup on days when I feel like putting thicker makeup. Also, I cannot put false eyelashes because they make my eyes look smaller due to my eyelid.

So far, my favourite eyelid tape has got to be the double sided ones!!!

This is the double eye tape which has adhesive on both sides, top and bottom.

I will show you how I apply this on my eyes.

Usually, after putting double eyelid tapes, I will try on a thicker makeup. :D

If you're not into thicker makeup, you can just use a matte brown eyeshadow and apply it on your newly created double eyelids for a more deep-set look!
End if off with mascara and you're good to go!

For me, I tried on a thicker makeup!!! The good thing about deeper parallel eyelids is that we can try on many different looks~


I'm loving how the double eyelid tape is long lasting and leaves no residue on my eyes after removing them. There's no irritation on my skin too!
It's no wonder 9 out of 10 double eyelid tape users in Japan and Taiwan has converted to using AB!

With Kevin老师~!
AB will be having a "BEFORE and AFTER" contest for all of you!

There will be 3 lucky winners who will be picked by Kevin, and will walk away with the full range of AB product, $150 cash and Kevin ’s signed AB poster!

Contest period:
23rd June to 27th July

Full range of AB products(images of products), $150 cash and Kevin ’s signed AB poster.  (Worth over $280)!
Judge: Kevin

1. Send in your ‘Before and After’ photo of using double eyelid products and makeup with the template provided.

2. Hash tag #ABSingapore in your photo and ‘Like’ ‘AB MezicalFiber SG’ Facebook page in order to be eligible for the prizes.

3. 3 participants with the best and most drastic difference in their ‘Before & After’ photo will win the prize. 

Results will be released on 30th July!

Sounds really fun!!! :D

It will also be great to have your makeup skills acknowledged by a well known makeup artist, Kevin 师!!!


Just like what Kevin 师 mentioned at the event...


Everyone is beautiful in their own unique ways.  

Hope all of you get to have fun and find your OWN unique beauty. :D

Thanks for reading~ xx