Sunday, July 26, 2015

Let's talk about food #1 - Making Ham and Cheese Omelette


Trying to keep my blog updated once in a while, especially now that I have the time to.

Been wanting to post about food (although I'm quite skinny lol I love food ok)!
So here's a post of me, making Ham and Cheese Omelette HAHAHA.

I'm not a great cook so if I can cook, so can you! xD

I actually like making food and experimenting with food (LOL) during my free time but I rarely post about them... NOT 'cause they all turn out bad but I find it almost impossible to take photos of the food I'm cooking and cook at the same time?!

Most of the pictures/videos I upload are filmed by myself, unless I really need help like taking my own full body shots in the public... so it's really quite tough if you think about it... to take photos of the food I'm cooking when I'm cooking. HAHAHA.
Really impressed by how those cooks/food bloggers can take photos of themselves whipping up an awesome meal.

Anyway, to experiment with this whole "taking photos of what I'm cooking while cooking", I decided to try doing the easiest dish for the laziest people.


Everything's done in my own style, without following any recipe so please don't say mean things like this isn't how an omelette should look..... 'CAUSE THIS IS HOW MINE LOOK LOLOLOL.

(Instead of what you need...) What I used: 

- 2 Eggs
- Salt and pepper in any amount I like
- Milk in any amount I like
- 1 Slice of Breakfast Ham
- 1 Slice of Kraft Singles Cheddar Cheese 

Diced up like this.
(Is DICED the word??) 

So here I pour in my 2 eggs with milk + pepper + salt in any amount I think is right HAHA.
And I started pushing the egg around so it will be half-cooked on the inside.

Something like this, a bit watery.

I just realised how bad I am at explaining anything food related.
My vocabulary for how the food tastes stops at "GOOD" "YUMMY" "BAD" "EW".
My english isn't too good to begin with HAHA fml.

So yes I turn the heat to low and quickly pour in my ham and cheese before it burns. (You can see the side is kind of burnt LOL) 

And now I wrap it up and hope it doesn't break (and hope the bottom part of the egg is not burnt).

TAADAA! Successfully flipped the egg after wrapping and it's not burnt! #MissionCleared

After the cheese is melted in your steaming hot omelette, it will be the yummiest thing in the world.

Buy some Ham and Cheese and store it in your fridge 'cause it's something you can use for almost everything haha.

After the cheese is melted, you will have watery egg mixed with melted cheese inside the sort-of crispy outer layer of egg. LOL.
How complicated to explain.
But you get it.

That's all for this post! :D

Thanks for reading!


Friday, July 24, 2015

Advertorial - Annahouse

Hello there~

Today, I'm going to be recommending you an online store from Malaysia!

Annahouse!!! :D

I love the outfits they have in their website and I have to say.... I was really spoilt for choices 'cause there were plenty of different varieties for me to choose from.

Picked out this Puffy Collar Long Top in White.
It's supposed to be a top but since I'm quite petite (and short LOLLOL), it fits me perfect as a cute puffy dress!

It's surprisingly flattering on me! I love how it's puffy at the sleeves and flowy at the bottom, accentuating the waist area!

Another outfit I've chosen from their shop is this....

It's my favourite out of the all that I've picked out!!!

Celebrity long dress lace suit!!!

It has a cream coloured under-line which helps to bring out the details on the white laces.

The sleeve area is sheer so it doesn't look like I'm too 'wrapped up'. I LOVE IT.

Definitely something I will wear to an event, paired along with a cute clutch and a pair of bling earrings hahaha.

Another outfit I've chosen from them is slightly more for casual day out.

Neon loose top and Waves Culottes in White.
I'm very into simple, clean-cut outfit recently so the top definitely caught my eye with the simple black lining!

And that skorts matches almost everything in my wardrobe.... something basic is a must!

Annahouse carry a large variety of bags as well.

Their Saime Bags are GORGEOUS.

Large Saime ZORA Back Pack in Skin Colour~

I'm in need of a huge (yet small) bag for travelling.
Every time I get a small back pack, it doesn't fit my laptop. But once I get a huge one, it looks WAY TOO BIG for my petite frame!!!

This back pack is of the perfect size and fits everything I need. T _ T

The quality is really good too, with lots of compartments (you can check it out here)!


Ready to start shopping?!?!

Here's a coupon code for my readers!!!

Quote "SPEISHI" to get a free comfy singlet upon purchasing up to RM50 with every single order!
(Just add it to the cart yourself by choosing your favourite colour of singlet as long as you've spent more than RM50 in that order!) 

Thanks for reading, as always.


Monday, July 20, 2015

I'm trying to love me.


Dead space as always, back to clear some spider webs and dust. 

So here's two photos from the beach the other day hahaha.
Love the beach! Only 'cause it's an awesome place for good pictures, otherwise the sun is a killer. 

Anyway, new video up on my YouTube channel, finally! Been 3 weeks!~

(Not sure if it's minutes or minute, whatever fits HAHA)

Since many of you have been asking what I've used in this video...
Products used in the video!
Base - Etude House (Pink Wish Tree Version) BB Cushion No2 Light Beige
Concealer - The Saem Liquid Concealer #1
Eyebrow - It's Skin Wooden Eyebrow Pencil 
Eyeshadow - KOSE Esprique Single Eyeshadow in PK 800\
Eyeliner - CLIO Liquid Eyeliner in Brown 
Lips - IOPE creamy lipstick in Sweet Berry 

Brushes on the table are Bubbi Brushes by Bubz! 

Trying to keep up with posting videos every week but have been caught up with some work recently. 
....Also I'm going to be on the small screen soon BAHAHAHA can you imagine me and my amateur acting skills! xD 

I'm going to be acting as someone totally unlike me. (After you watch the show you'll realise I'm actually trying to praise myself right now on how good of a kid I am in reality HAHA

Doing it as an experience and I'm very happy and proud of myself 'cause I've been trying to do things I don't usually do. Learning something new every time. Glad to be given the chance to do different things every once in a while.

What I've been told by many people (even some constructive comments from some of you!) recently is that I am lack of confidence when I speak.
Hard to tell 'cause I've always been trying very hard to show that I'm a very bubbly kind of person when it's really very tough for me to speak up in front of people or cameras that aren't mine HAHA. 
Because of that I start to mumble a lot when I speak and that's definitely not a good thing. 

Funny thing is when I was a kid, oral examinations are always something I'm super confident of 'cause I'd been praised for speaking loud, clear and fluent in both languages. 
My mom even told me I should grow up to be a broadcaster haha fml how things have changed.

It's quite funny how I've always thought that being in this line which exposes me to the public more will actually help boost my confidence. Somehow, it turns out to be the other way round.
Where is that confident little kid? 

While trying to improve many other things, we tend to forget to keep up with the things we used to be good at.

We all learn things about ourselves everyday, and I'm glad people tell me what I can improve on. 

Alright, that's all for the random ramblings for today. :)

Thanks for being here as always!


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sponsored post - American Eagle Outfitters

I cannot describe how excited I was when I first heard I will be working with this brand for their launch!!!



If you haven't heard of AEO (which I highly doubt), they are really popular overseas and quite a lot of my friends are super elated to hear that they are finally launching in Singapore!

AEO is America's favourite jeans brand inspired by the adventurous, optimistic and energetic spirit of the young people.
When you hear AEO, you think of DENIM as denim is at the core of AEO!

Earlier in June, I was invited to AEO's Media Preview Party!

It was crowded (you can tell how everyone is thrilled to hear AEO is finally in Singapore!).

Their Ice Hockey Table in the middle of their newly launched store!

Popcorns for everyone!!!

The *ahem* Faces of AEO this Summer! xD

Just in case you're wondering "WOW Peishi's outfit was gorgeous that day!" (HAHAHA), I was styled by AEO!
Cutest romper and denim jacket hands down!

More of me 'cause my outfit was on point. xD

With Tosh and Josh in their fabulous AEO outfits. xD

The Media Preview Party was a blast~

A few days later, Ben, Randy and I had a shoot with AEO at Vivo City!

The shoot was great 'cause first of all, all our outfits were ON POINT haha.

Some behind-the-scenes photo from the shoot before I unveil the stunning results~

We shot around Vivo City and at Sentosa Boardwalk!
I even got myself all wet while splashing around in the rooftop pool at Vivo. #Passionate xD





My favourite outfit is the last one! (I LOVE those jeans!)

Right after the shoot, we went to AEO's store to meet our followers!

If you followed me on my Instagram, I'm sure you've seen the #AEOxPeishi #AEOStyleMe #OOTD contest!!!
Thank you so much for your participation! All of you looked stunning in your #OOTD shots!

AEO chosen 3 winners from the contest and I got to style the 3 winners at AEO's store the other day! :D

My 3 gorgeous winners with their outfit that I've styled them in!!! (I saw their pictures beforehand and was so afraid I will look horrible beside them for real LOL)


I think I did an awesome job as always HAHA.

The theme I decided on was Denim since AEO is ALL ABOUT DENIM and denim is at the core of AEO (They have an extensive range of fits and washes!)

I really LOVE their denim because they fit me so well!
I'm really petite so I can never find a pair of denim jeans or shorts that will fit me at all. It was a huge surprise that their Size 00 can fit me, I nearly teared HAHAHA.

On top of that, AEO provides us with a unique shopping experience with their call button service in the changing room!
JUST IN CASE there's like a wardrobe malfunction or we need the top in a different size or colour, we can always call for help easily - just a button away~

Anyway, more on the outfits!
Each of them had on a different kind of denim!
One with a denim jumpsuit, one with a denim jacket and one with a denim jacket with hoodie (and I have on a pair of denim jeans!)~
Do we look like a girl group with coordinated outfits? xD

Which is your favourite look among the three winners?!
I love them all since I styled all of them HAHA.


Ben and Randy did a great job on styling their winners too (of course not as good as mine bahahaha)!


And the Summer Faces of AEO~ xD

Thank you American Eagle Outfitters for having me on board for this awesome launch!
It was really nice being able to be a part of the launch of AEO in Singapore! :D

AEO is located at VIVO CITY B1-06/07!!!
Go take a look at their shop now 'cause I'm gonna head back for more shopping real soon! x

Before you go...,

COMMENT on this post and tell me WHY YOU LOVE AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS and stand a chance to win AEO Premiums! (Closing date - 18 July 2015)


Check out their social media platforms for more info on AEO~

Thank you for reading!!!


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Finally set my foot in Bangkok!

So many people around me have been to Bangkok at least TWICE in their life (not exaggerating).

Bangkok feels like a second home to many of my friends and they have ALL been bragging about the amount of shopping they did there, and how they miss that place and have been wanting to go back again even though they just came back less than a month ago....


I look grumpy here. Not a very good picture to match up with the mood of my words up there hahaha.

Anyway, yes, I was ELATED that I'm finally visiting this awesome place many people have been telling me about.

During this trip, I actually found something about myself that I never knew.
Read on to find out LOL.

First day, we woke up at 4am for the flight and got everything ready and went out of our hotel to shop at around 11am-12pm!

Walked a distance to the Pratunam area for shopping 'cause that's apparently where all the cheap shopping are.

First shopping area we visited is Platinum mall!!! :D
I didn't take any pictures there and I was actually pretty disappointed. :(

So many people told me about the cheap shopping there but I wasn't very impressed.

First of all, it's probably because I just came back from Korea and bought lots of good quality apparels at just 5000won (SGD$6+-)...
Secondly, the quality and looks of the apparels aren't as good as what I've imagined and wasn't as cheap as I thought they would be.

But good thing is the people there (actually in Bangkok in general) are really really really polite and friendly!
And as compared to Dongdaemun (or Bugis), Platinum Mall is very neat, clean and spacious!

I was probably way too tired to dig for cheaper clothing anyway.

After that, we headed to Central World!

The weather was sooooo hot to a whole new level that made me even more lethargic (on top of having lack of sleep).

The next day, we headed for this half day tour being half dead 'cause the half day tour was REALLY EARLY as well.

I had so much coconut drink and tom yum soup AHAHAHAHA.

After the half day tour, we headed to this Lady's Street and got some blouses at just $3?!?! :D :D :D :D But I was way too sleepy to walk around more.
We went back to our hotel earlier that day and slept for 12 hours straight. LOL.

And we headed to Chatuchak Market the very next day!!!! :D :D :D

Although the weather was as hot as usual, I felt better after my 12 hours of rest HAHAHA so it was all good on the third day.

Didn't buy anything from Chatuchak Market apart from food and some tiny goods.


I'm sure she wants my ice cream. #No

We visited some other markets and had lunch before taking a long ride to the Floating Market which I LOVEEE! :D

So here's what I found out about myself.

I realized I actually prefer sight-seeing and blending into the culture than to shop around in crowded places looking for cheap goods. :O
Might take my words back (LOL) 'cause I might be way too tired to shop around (plus the weather was too horrifying for someone like me who prefers colder places).

This place was beautiful, we had a short trip on the boat.

And even had meals by the river~

Huge prawns, crayfish and pork satay!

Later at night, we went to Asiatique!

More on my vlog~ #TakeMeToThailand

I will go back to Thailand again, with more rest so I will be less exhausted. xD
It's not that I'm not having fun but if you haven't been there, please bring a portable fan along and have more sleep LOL.

Thanks for reading~~~ :D xx