Sunday, January 25, 2015

What's in my iPhone?


What's in my iPhone, as requested by many many of you.

Thanks for sticking by, during my extremely busy period of 6 months.

My internship is ending soon, which means I will be coming back with more.

Coming back as an improved version of me. 

Thank you!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

CLEO Hair - Red x Brown

Hello hello my fellow beautiful people (BAHAHAHA) ♥

As fickle-minded as I can get, I went back to CLEO Hair to turn my red hair back to brown.

This time round, I mixed in a little bit of highlights!
The brown didn't turn out VERY brown because red is a horrible ass to get rid off, but I don't hate my red hair so it can stay here for a little while more, I don't mind haha.

Now my hair is more like brownish-red with ash-tone highlights haha. I LOVE IT STILL THOUGH.

I pity Takuya hahahahaha.


Boss and Takuya getting my hair back to brown.

Actually, I wanted a red-tone brown anyway because I've always had ash-tone brown if you realised.
I guess it turns out win-win!

 I changed the parting of my hair as well 'cause I THINK I'M BALDING.





Almost became an eagle.

Bald as an eagle I mean.

Some clearer pictures under the ring light~


I think it's perfect for the fickle-minded because there are at least three tones of brown on my hair now HAHAHAHA.

My red faded in about two weeks, especially at the ends. It stayed on my crown still so now my hair colour has a slight gradient effect as you can tell haha.

Alright thanks for catching up with me~

Thank you for reading as always.



Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sponsored post - Metro Centrepoint Opening Launch

I was honoured to get an exclusive invite down to Metro Centrepoint opening launch on 27th November.
Metro, the leading department store, has been a part of childhood 'cause that's where my parents will always bring me to when we go shopping together! This opening launch of their newest fifth store at Centrepoint has showed me how much they have improved and how much MORE they will be providing us shoppers with!

I will say... it was definitely exciting to see all the new brands and services Metro Centrepoint has came up with - Let's see what they have in store for us in their newest store with 6 levels!!!

The first storey has everything there is for Beauty and Wellness. As a female myself HAHAHA, this is the level which I will spend the most time at.

Metro Centrepoint definitely did not disappoint with their huge range of high end cosmetic brands around the first level!

As a department store, they provide drugstore brands of cosmetics as well! I love the whole "make up room" idea here! Check out the mirror with light bulbs!!!


At this area, there is also "The Body Shop" and it's where they first introduce The Body Shop's first store-in-store counter in Singapore! I've never seen The Body Shop in any department stores before so I was quite surprised to see their beautiful display there. :D

At the first level, there's also an area where we can relax and enjoy a quick hand massage during their opening launch!!!

If you're planning to head down to Metro Centrepoint, you can stop by this place called MD Dermatics Hands & Nail Bar (it's one of the main delights of the new Metro Centrepoint experience!), and give yourself a boost with their pampering services. :D

They do provide manicure and pedicure services as well! ^_^

5 minutes hand massage with moisturiser, serum and sunscreen~

The 2nd level will be Women's fashion, also another place where a lady will spend her entire day at haha.

Large variety of bags, clothes and shoes from different brands. I had a great time shopping at this level! Plus it's the Winter season so most of the item are in BURGUNDY RED omg I LOVE.

The cool thing at Metro's Women section is that they have a huge variety of apparels and they are ALL very unique! There are Metro's OWN BRANDS like M.Maison, Kurt Woods and Jo Burton.

Oh oh during the launch, there were FLOWERS for us as well. :D :D

And also good looking male models at the Male's section. Candy for the eyes? HAHA.

Male Fashion is on Level 3 and their male clothing are sooooo gorgeous as well I even bought myself a top from there. xD

On the 4th level, it's all about Home and Lifestyle, with tons of adorable yet useful housewares such as cooking and baking utensils!

They have A WHOLE LOT of vintage inspired glasswares I LOVEEEE THEM.

Level 5!!!! I love this area with ALL THE CHRISTMAS DECORS (during the Christmas season). :D Feel so festive around here.

If you're looking for gift ideas, this is where you should head to because they have just.... SO SO MANY gift ideas, decorations, beddings...

Level 5 has many things for your lovely home, ranging from bed sheets, home decors, and many more.

Level 6 has everything for KIDS, I think it's a heaven for all the children. *_*

Here's the video from Metro Manifesto!

Metro Centrepoint has officially opened its doors so that means you can head down to check out their new array of brands and services in this newest and latest Metro!

Metro will be having a GIVEAWAY for all my readers as well!!!!

All you have to do is to leave a comment below telling me why you want to visit the new Metro Centrepoint and you can stand to win a $50 Metro Gift Card! :D :D :D

Closing date of this giveaway will be two weeks from now so hurry and join~!


Thanks for reading! xx

Friday, January 2, 2015

CLEO Hair & Make - Red

I changed my hair almost a week ago but haven't got the chance to snap some pictures~
So to start off the year, here is my RED HAIRRRR.

It was very red when I first dyed it but it faded off a bit after several hair washes hahaha.



Goodbye to my boring yellow hair lol. I really got super tired of my yellow hair although I loved it so much.
I couldn't leave my honey beige colour 'cause so far, that's the only colour that I think suits me well.

I'm super indecisive but I decided I should make a change HAHA.

Thank you CLEO HAIR & MAKE! Thank you Takuya~~ ♥

CLEO HAIR & MAKE is located at Clarke Quay, The Central, Level 4!
Walk to the blue zone where you will see Swiss Bake and Subway.
Take the guest lift up to Level 4 and you will see CLEO Nails + CLEO Hair & Make~ ^_^

Thanks for reading~ xx